Excellent App for Elections in India

One stop solution app for all elections update in India. Stay informed with updates of election results.


Why Choose us Election of India?

  • General Election Schedules

    In Election of India app, you can get the general election schedules of Lok Sabha and Vidhaan Sabha.

  • News and Updates

    Stay updated with election and political news.

  • Constituency Candidates Details

    Know the candidate details in your constituency area.

  • Partywise Candidates List

    Find and search candidate list according to party with their election symbols.

  • Voter Turnout

    You can easily get the voting percentage reports state-wise.

  • Election Poll / Survey

    Know the users opinion to gauge voting intention in India.

  • Results and Statistics

    Get all winner candidate lists along with their votes. Also, Live results will be displayed on result day of the election.

  • Available Language

    App is available in both English and Hindi languages.



Know About Government of India

Know the "Who's Who" of the Indian Government and check out a range of such vital information that may help you in your daily life. Users can get the detailed profiles of the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Chief Ministers, Members of Parliament etc.